What makes SkillStack different
Real-world Projects

Test your candidates on actual IDEs like Visual Studio and Eclipse
No more "web challenges" gimmickery. Watch your candidates solve real-world problems in your chosen environment.
Video Screening

Watch your candidates answer your screening questions
Gain more insight on your candidate's skills & authenticity by watching "selfie" videos of them answering your questions.
We test your candidates on the latest stacks in actual IDEs - right in the browser.
How It works
Create Online Tests

in a few clicks

Choose a test from our test library

Preview your test in your browser

Customise as required.

Invite Candidates

to solve your tests

Send invites directly from SkillStack

Your candidate can take the test anywhere at their convenience

Get notified when they have finished the test.

Review Results

to find the best candidates around

Review performance reports

Compare, run code, watch recordings

Shortlist for interview!

Product Overview
Tests based on real-world projects

Choose a test from our library or create your own in minutes. Each test contains an exclusive VM + Stack + IDE of your choice - all accessible right in the browser.
Granular analytics

Watch every keystroke and mouse movement. Run your candidate's code live. See diffs & compare with other candidates. Get auto-graded results too!
Video interviews

Choose video questions for each test from our library or add your own. Ask questions specific to the coding test or general questions too. The candidate can record answers from their desktop or mobile.
Client Testimonials
Company Press & Media
SkillStack is still in beta, but our flagship product Programmr ( which has helped 1.2 million+ developers master programming skills ) has already received rave reviews. So we might know a thing or two about this space! :)
Looking for specific skillsets?
Coming Soon: We're adding tests on these technologies to our library shortly.
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Internet of Things
Augmented Reality
Unity Game Development
Internet of Things
Augmented Reality
Unity Game Development