About Us

AI Camp's mission is to help users become proficient in technologies related to Artificial Intelligence.

AI has been described as the fourth industrial revolution. It is set to transform most of our jobs and lives over the next 10 years. We believe it is best to start integrating AI into our careers as soon as possible.

AI Camp is the latest addition to Programmr's hands-on suite of sites - which include Programmr.com, a learn-to-code site that has helped over a million registered users polish their programming skills - and SkillStack.com, a tech skills assessment site for the latest web & mobile frameworks. While having received glowing reviews from the world's best tech press - including TechCrunch, FastCompany, TNW and VentureBeat , our hands-on lab technology is licensed to the world's largest tech publishers including Pearson and the Wrox group .


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